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Jadan-Vive le Velo
Jadan-Vive le Velo01/07/2022 at 6:00am
It's the 2nd race of this week's National triple-header tonight at the Ilkley GP. After a promising race at Otley we're excited to see what the team can achieve. 🤞💪
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Jadan Press Vive Le Vélo OTE Sports Pulseroll Endura Hunters
Jadan-Vive le Velo
Jadan-Vive le Velo30/06/2022 at 7:03pm
A great showing by the team last night at Otley. 3 riders finished in the front group with Polly Burge breaking the top 20 with a fantastic 18th place and Beth Harley-Jepson finishing in 29th.
Detta's race was a case of the result not reflecting the ride - she was sat perfectly in the top 5 in the closing laps and on track for a fantastic result before she was unfortunately caught in a crash. A shame for her, but a sign of great form and big things to come.
Development rider Kirstie Drakeford continues to gain experience at a national level in her first season of racing and is showing improvement at every race.
#jadanvivelevelo #pinkandblue #otefuelled #otleygp #nationalcircuitseries
Jadan Press Vive Le Vélo OTE Sports Pulseroll Endura Hunters
Jadan-Vive le Velo
Jadan-Vive le Velo30/06/2022 at 2:55pm
Our rider Gabriella Nordin is taking on a Virtual Everesting challenge in July and raising money for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust. After having had a cervical cancer scare herself this is a charity close to Gabby's heart so please support her by donating if you can. 🙏
Jadan-Vive le Velo
Jadan-Vive le Velo29/06/2022 at 7:18pm
3 laps to go, girls still in front group ⭐️💪🏽 #womenscycling #pinkandblue
Jadan-Vive le Velo
Jadan-Vive le Velo
Jadan-Vive le Velo29/06/2022 at 7:08pm
Otley in full swing all girls in front group 💪🏽🔥 #womenscycling #nationalseries
Jadan-Vive le Velo

Eve Martin awarded Lancashire Rising Star Fund Grant

Our Youth Team rider Eve Martin is making the news, Eve had been awarded a £500 grant from the Lancashire Rising Star Fund, in association with Lancashire Sport Partnership and the University of Central Lancashire to help with the costs of her travel, training and equipment. Eve is one to watch next year. Congratulations Eve!

More to come on Team Jadan’s roster and goals for the 2016 season coming soon… Race Report & Gallery for Jadan Press Women’s Circuit Race 2015

Read our sponsors [ & Chris Maher’s] race report from the Jadan Press [our main team sponsor] Women’s Circuit Race 2015 held in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Henrietta managed to get the second place step on the podium for Team Jadan to Abby-Mae Parkinson of Team Giordana Triton. A gutsy ride from Louise Scupham for Team Jadan too. Click the link below to be taken to the full article.

Snake Pass Hill Climb 2014

Snake Pass is a climb I know well as it’s pretty much in the heart of last year’s training roads. Those roads that, when I lived close by, were so much fun to ride. It’s a deceptive climb, quite long and prone to excitable weather. It makes you think the experience is going to be harder than it is – until you do something so daft as a max effort up it.

Climbing Snake Pass - Image ©Glossop Velo

Climbing Snake Pass – Image ©Glossop Velo

It started steeper than I had remembered. I charged away from the start area, trying to settle into some kind of constant pace, but I was ‘settled’ at far too many watts in my cocky state of ‘yeah of course you can hold that’. Turns out I couldn’t. Of course I couldn’t. Half way in and I thought bloody hell I can’t sustain this, what I am doing? Idiot! I eased off providing a few seconds respite. But then thought, I can’t finish another TT thinking I’ve not given it my all. I looked down at my power and knew what I should be able to hold. Gritted my teeth and tried my very hardest.

This was not so easy. In reality I had worked on my feet all day for the few days leading up to the event. My warm up before was like dragging two bags of sand round the cranks (that would be my tired legs, maybe not even tired just that ‘full’ feeling). So I forced out a gruesome 45 minute warm up. If not, I would have just slumped into one of the inviting lay bys on the way up the climb and taken a nap.

Anyway, I kept riding thinking ‘keep pushing on’ ‘keep pushing on’, that inner voice I wanted to have stern words with. This just wasn’t a float day. I so wanted to fly up the climb. Not drag myself up it. Then I saw my minute lady. What?! How had this happened? Perhaps she was just having a tough day on the bike, but this was my motivation for the final 3 minutes or so. Not that I could do much more than hold on to the finish after huffing and puffing my way past her.

I saw my time when I reached the summit and thought, well that’s better than last year at least. Good job I’d taken my rain cape along for the ride too. It was blooming freezing up top! So I smugly donned the cape, all toasty and warm and trundled down the climb in my own world enjoying the beautiful view. Arriving back at HQ I saw that I had actually come 3rd. Goes to show, even if the legs feel hideous, you can usually push through it. At least more so than you think. Obviously being fresh would have been ideal but it’s a mental game this cycling lark and I’m just beginning to understand really how much.

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