guess I should introduce myself, my name is Henrietta Colbourne and I’m a junior rider looking forward to getting race experience with Team Jadan girls.

So it turns out don’t listen to your dad when he says you need Maltese pounds in malta. Having purchased Euros and made it to malta the first stage of the tour was a Time Trial stage of 10.8 miles. The wet roads made an interesting and slippery Time Trial which proved lethal when cornering. The course consisted of 2 hills and 2 descents repeated over 4 laps. All of the Jadan team survived getting down the wet start ramp! Olivia skidded her back wheel but thankfully managed to stay upright!

The Time Trial was brutal and with Victoria’s mad shouting skills I just pushed harder on the peddles and the bike moved forward. My motivation only increased as the Jadan girls cheered me and Victoria on from the side of the road right the way to the finish line. I knew I’d done a good ride and Victoria had faith that I’d done enough to secure victory! When they announced me as the winner I was over the moon! The team cheered and shouted as I went up to stand on the podium and collect my bottle of champagne. I considered opening it and spraying it around, as the winner of the men’s race had done, but thought it might be nicer to take it home for my dad! I am now looking forward to the next three days of road racing and defending my lead on the hilly maltese roads.