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Victoria Hood


Team Jadan is Victoria’s brainchild.  Having come to the sport later than many women, she is keen to promote competitive cycling and is proving to be a key player in the expanding women’s cycling scene, especially in Yorkshire.


Age: 40

Class: Senior

Location: Hull

Years competing: 5

Discipline: Road & Track

Likes: Porridge with lots of chocolate melted on it (roll on Easter), Easter Eggs (melted on porridge), Lindt chocolate, Cadbury’s chocolate, Green & Blacks chocolate, bacon (but not on porridge),.. Hmm?

Dislikes: Porridge without chocolate and duck face selfies.


My Recent Blog Posts

Tour Ta Malta – Stage 4 TT

Stage 4 TT Final morning of racing! Weather forecast was sunny but when we arrived outside the hotel at 7am it was raining! Again we were all knackered. We were then told that the start time had been changed and we didn’t need to meet until 8!  We could have really...

Tour Ta Malta – Stage 3 Gozo RR

Stage 3 Gozo RR 6.30am START!! We all stood around looking like zombies! I’m sure this race was becoming more about who could tolerate fatigue the best! Frankie had, as we expected, seized up overnight and couldn’t race. Jon Miles very kindly offered her a lift and we...

Tour Ta Malta – Stage 2 San Martin RR

Stage 2 San Martin RR After yesterdays debacle I made sure I was ready and waiting outside the hotel with plenty of time. I was totally knackered which seemed to become the theme for the week. There had been a big group of 14-year-old girls (staying in Malta to attend...

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